Anon Miskid

Hiphop from Minneapolis, MN, United States

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Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Let's live free.


Anon Miskid is apart of the duo that currently makes the core of Simply Bizness Ent. The duo consists of Simply Wess and of course as stated Anon Miskid.


Anon Miskid was born in 1993 in Minneapolis, MN. As a child Miskid was labelled a black sheep by his peers do to the fact that unlike most kids who would much rather play outside with friends and family, Miskid was always reclusive with his nose in a book or his pen in his journal. This constant action eventually sparked a creative passion within Miskid that pushed him to start crafting poetry at the age of 10. As a young poet with no direction Miskid pushed himself to attempt to make his writing stand out from other great writers within history, a big goal for someone so young. His work was praised by his teachers who urged him to publish his work, but Miskid felt empty about his work, the passion was there, but the work itself felt emotionless to Miskid.

At the age of 13 Miskid took to writing music, this was the turning point in his life. Writing music quickly became a obsession of his, filling up to 2-3 five subject notebooks weekly. Songwriting became the passionate outlet that Miskid was waiting for in life. However, even songwriting grew emotionless to Miskid, he wasn't able to relay the message to the people who would read his work. At the age of 16 Miskid chose the way he would relay his message, through rapping. Once this decision was made Miskid's life changed like he never thought it would before, he had found his calling and his passion. Now he could reach out to people and connect with them through the unmistakable bound that music creates between people. But, with no direction how can such a young bird fly?

At the age of 20 Miskid found Simply Wess of Simply Bizness Ent. Wess took Miskid under his wing and quickly they became family. Under the wing of Simply Wess, Miskid has grown beyond measure and with his mentor has released his first mixtape "N.D.V.O" which has gained the attention of some producers within the game who have worked with big names (Taylor Gang, OVOXO, etc.) Will the people respond to his passion?


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